How to clean leather gloves


Leather gloves are a timeless classic. Whether we choose to wear them during the cold season to shield our hands or opt for them to be merely a fashion accessory, we need to know exactly what we should and shouldn’t do when it comes to taking good care of them. There are a few important guidelines to follow for every leather glove owner in order to always look stylish wearing their elegant accessories.

Of course, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to choose the right product, but once the purchase is made, taking good care of our gloves is key in ensuring they have a long and healthy life in our possession.

Before buying a pair of leather gloves

Either you wish to buy leather gloves for their usefulness or appearance, the most important thing is to choose high quality leather and a size that fits perfectly. Normally you should not worry about your gloves stretching over time, as their natural elasticity ensures a perfect fit and durable shape. Quality leather is more likely to last longer and keep its appearance like new over years. It is also of importance to know the type of leather your gloves are made of, as different materials might need different care. If you expect to wear your gloves often, it is recommended to purchase several pairs to ensure they have time to breathe and avoid deterioration.

How to care for your new pair of gloves

Once in possession of a new pair of quality leather gloves, you want to make sure you do your best in order to expand their lifespan. To do so, you can choose to waterproof them before the first use. While leather has a natural resistance to water, you can use special products suitable for the type of leather your gloves are made of, to further enhance their resistance and reduce the risk of staining. However, keep in mind that some products may darken the colour, therefore, you mind consider trying the product on a smaller portion of the leather first.

How to store leather gloves

In some cases, your gloves may come with a special box in which you should store them. However, one general tip for proper storage of your leather gloves is to keep them on a flat surface, to avoid wrinkling. Further advice is to keep your gloves in a dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from dust to preserve their appearance and health, as well as to avoid wearing them in case of rain.

Caring for your leather gloves

Taking proper care of a pair of leather gloves goes way beyond knowing how to store them. You want to make sure to avoid contact with any chemicals such as cosmetics or alcohol while wearing leather gloves. An equally important factor is to keep them moisturized. In order to do so, you should apply special leather creams or natural moisturizers such as coconut oil to soften the gloves while wearing them for a few minutes.

Too much moisture can do more harm than good. While using leather creams is ideal to keep your gloves from drying out and cracking, make sure you don’t exaggerate in doing so. Just like in the case of humidity exposure, overnutrition may affect the overall health of the leather, in that it can lead to molding or rotting – leaving your gloves with an unpleasant look and odor.

Cleaning your leather gloves

Leather gloves should not be washed or exposed to water. Nevertheless, there are a few ways of cleaning them that do not include soaking them in water.

Firstly, you should know that the inside of your gloves should be left to breathe and you may use dry powders – such as talcum, baking soda or corn starch – to remove any oil residue or moisture left from your hands. In case your gloves are lined with different materials, you may want to take them to a special dry cleaner to avoid damaging the material.

For the outside of your gloves, it is recommended to use a damp warm cloth to remove stains or dirt. Make sure not to wipe or rub the leather, as it can cause tearing and deterioration. Instead, pad gently on its surface. If the damp cloth is not enough, choose a mild cleaning product that is suitable for leather, such as saddle soap.

Once you are done cleaning your gloves, let them dry naturally. Do not dry them using any source of heat. Once they are dry and look like new, you can wear them again to look exquisite no matter the season or occasion.