Winter gloves for women – the must-have fashion accessories for 2020/2021


Whether you intend to keep your hands warm, or you simply wish to polish your party look, it is safe to say that gloves have retuned as an old-school, yet stylish accessory trend. Not only have they made their way back on the runways of world-famous designers, but they intend to be part of your everyday ensembles this winter.

Gloves come in many styles and fabrics and looking beyond their primary purpose, they can be chic and easily incorporated into any outfit. From long, elbow-length opera-style gloves, as seen in Paris Fashion Week to the classic black leather gloves for a more casual look, you can play with textures like velvet and satin with an elegant evening gown or with pairing a casual rolled-down finish with a tailored suite.

Whatever your reason for wearing gloves, there are some considerations when choosing winter gloves for women:

Style – you are never wrong or right when picking a certain style of gloves, as it mostly comes down to personal preference. However, it does make sense to choose a pair of winter gloves that go with the rest of your wardrobe. So, if you choose them for a daily use, you can have anything from technical gloves to a smart leather pair, from smart or driving gloves to Mongolian cashmere mittens.

Fabric – you can have a wide range of choice in fabric, but in the end, you have to decide what purpose you are buying your gloves for: if you want them for your everyday wear in the city, then shearling gloves are probably not the best choice, as they can be too warm. However, you have to know that the fabric the gloves are made of depends mostly on the style picked by the designers, so you will rarely find a knitted pair of driving gloves…

When it comes to autumn/winter, leather is indispensable for most women’s wardrobes. If you are new to this look and you can’t quite commit yourself to this trend, try first with some leather gloves. “You may not shape an outfit around them, but nothing elevates a look quite like a pair of quality leather gloves.”, says Olie Arnold, style director for Mr Porter.

Colour – stick with the classic colourways such as grey or navy to fit with most of your wardrobe, if you want to be on the safe side. If you dare venture away from the usual shades, choose the autumnal leaves colours (dark greens and browns), or follow the fashion icons to guide you to the season’s most important colour trends. The new colours that have been introduced by fashion designers for the winter gloves for women 2020/2021 are not just timeless seasonal classics filled with personality, but also unique colour statements that stand out.

Among the fresh colour classics for Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 we can find the autumnal orange, the sultry red, the earthy sandstone, the ultramarine green or the fired brick, while the season’s classics, offering a rich colour narrative remain the military olive, the timeless grey or the almond-oil subtle white shades.

Warm, classy, simple or chic, gloves are a winter staple, that have made their way back into fashion to finish off our outfits with an old-fashion flair.