With common values built on the grounds of technique, intergenerational collaboration, and preserving traditional skills – seamstresses, dressmakers, and tailors are the center of attention when speaking about craftsmanship. Bypassing down over 25 years of expertise from one generation to the next, Cinque Amici reveals that the best way to keep time-honored practices is to create products of the highest quality built on a timeless tradition that is crafted to last for a lifetime.

With this ethos in place, the craftsmen of Cinque Amici are able to create handmade pieces of art that embody rich tradition, knowledge, and mastery, all to be passed down for endless generations to come. 

The art of craftsmanship reigns as an uncompromising key quality that defines Cinque Amici. In the literal sense of savoir-faire – expertise that’s passed down is uncompromised, consistent, and crucial to keeping luxury a key factor in production. As any piece of handcrafted art comes with many crucial steps, we examine, stretch, measure, cut, and sew every pair by hand, as if every glove was made for you personally. 

By examining each piece of skin pre-production, we make sure only the best is used – this process is performed by experts making sure that each pair is virtually flawless. As each piece of leather stretches naturally, each piece is stretched strategically for the perfect fit, longest wear, and most comfortable outcome. As the measuring and cutting create the final layout, smooth edges are determined and cut for the best proportions for the seamstress to sew together for each pair to fit like a glove – finishing up with pressing and ironing resulting in the best possible product.