With an ongoing effort to contribute to the circular economy of fashion, Cinque Amici’s aim is simple: create a collection of high quality, well-designed leather goods that are crafted with timeless artistry made to fit like a glove, but most importantly – to last a lifetime. The choice is simple, quality leather that helps slow down the fast-paced fashion cycle and mitigates waste by producing gloves that are enduring with an extensive lifetime.

We create a product that we believe in, that we are proud of. You are not buying just a pair of gloves, but a piece that will last a lifetime allowing you to purchase less and wear more. With packaging only made from 100% recycled paperboard, every choice we make is based on environmentally-conscious practices.

We make eco-friendly choices from the very first stage of production: leather farming. With quality being a huge factor in sustainable practices, the leather we use strictly comes from animals that are raised for the food industry.

Using the by-product of another industry reduces the excessive use of land, resources, water, and shameful waste. By using this leather source we are saving the animal’s skin from being burnt or going straight to a landfill which would only contribute to harmful emissions worldwide. We pay attention to every step from farm to delivery: your gloves are made with care, compassion, and consciousness. For us, sustainability is an important pillar, a way of living, a way of making decisions and running a business – one that we are very proud of.