Our strong commitment to excellence doesn’t end after your purchase. We aim to help you keep your pair for as long as possible, that’s why we offer a personalised repair service. 

If you experience any problems, you will have the chance to consult about repair, along with replacement if one glove is misplaced. This process takes the stress away from alternative measures that may end up damaging your pair, along with giving you the option of repair and replacement to add longevity to your pair of leather gloves. With each pair having a customised serial number in the interior, we will know who made each glove and when it was made, therefore making the process of repairing or replacing them efficient and effective. 

With just a few easy care steps, your pair will have a history of its own. Keep your gloves on a flat surface, avoid direct contact with dust and sunlight to keep their original colour,  texture, and beauty. To preserve your pair keep it away from any alcohol or oil-based substances such as cosmetics, perfumes, or disinfectants, using Talcum powder to remove grease stains if necessary. Refrain from rubbing the leather on coloured surfaces to avoid any possible transfer and to make sure your gloves stay their best shape, colour, and feel.